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MIG Insurance Ltd.

MIG Insurance Group Ltd. is a Manitoba owned insurance company we offer a full range of products including Home, Business, Agricultural, Auto and Life insurance. Our professional brokers are ready and willing to work with you so you can live your life in the moment knowing your financially protected against loss.

You’ve worked hard for what you have – to build your life, create your world. Now make sure it’s covered by the right insurance.

MIG Insurance offers a full slate of insurance products to protect your home, your business, your car, and more. If it’s important to you, we can help you protect it.

We don’t want to dwell on the negative. That’s not what insurance is about. We want you to be prepared for every possible outcome so you can relax and live in the moment. MIG Insurance will help you choose the best plans and policies that fit your life – so you can forget about the details and just enjoy living it.

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Our Offices are Closed August 3rd

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Offices closed Aug 3

Our offices are closed Monday, August 3rd so our staff can enjoy the day with friends and family. Hope you enjoy your long weekend too and you and yours are safe.  However, as always if you need us, our emergency claims service is available 24/7/365 by calling 204.985.1200. 

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Team Member Profile

Member of the Tweet Team
Dwight Heppner
IT Manager
Tel: 204-396-1919

My Favorite Quote "My job is to be like a Duck.  Calm and unruffled on the surface and paddling like crazy underneath" 

As the IT Manager for MIG Insurance Group I spend my time supporting and training the MIG brokers located in the 10 different offices in Manitoba so they have all the tools necessary to help you in Your World and Your Insurance.  The experience I gained from being a broker for 9 years at the MIG Insurance Group office in Winkler and working within their day to day routine was invaluable moving into my role as IT Manager.  I hope to continue to learn and grow within my role to provide the most cutting edge technology to our brokers who can in turn provide our best customer experience for you.

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