About Us

We’re MIG – an independent insurance broker with a unique perspective. We believe insurance is bought, not sold, and we connect our customers to the insurance products they need to protect their world.

MIG Employees

This is really about you, but here’s a few thing’s about us, in as few words as possible.

  1. We are deeply rooted in our community and the industry

    Our journey began in 1995 as a family owned business. Since then, we’ve grown to serve our customers from nine locations across Western Canada. Today, we continue to innovate on our products and services and we now offer our customers the ability to quote and buy their insurance online with ease. We’ve also partnered with some of Canada’s leading insurer’s to offer our customers more diverse insurance products to protect them from the unexpected.

  2. We think about insurance differently

    We believe that buying insurance should be simple, easy, and stress free. That means products and services you understand, tools that save you time and money, and a team that is there to help you along the way. After being in business for over 20 years, we knew first hand what needed to change. At MIG Insurance, we’ve aimed to turn empathy into action: we refocused our business based upon deep customer insight and our entire team is deeply committed and determined to make insurance as buyer friendly as possible.

  3. We are driven by innovation

    Like many other industries, the digital era is changing the way that we do business, and not only is it changing some of our existing business models, but it is also creating a number of opportunities to improve the way we connect with and build trust with our customers. At MIG Insurance, we are dedicated to innovation and we strive to provide unique experiences and product solutions that exceed our customers’ expectations and help better their insurance buying experience.

    We are particularly excited about how innovation can help us:

    • Become more accessible for existing and new customers.
    • Make communication with our brokerage easier and more convenient.
    • Allow us to engage with our customers and continue to build trust.
  4. Great ideas come from everywhere, even you

    We’re proud of the fact that we’ve grown to serve our customers from nine locations and now we can serve them from anywhere, digitally. But what we’re most proud of, is our relationships with our partners and customers and our commitment to improving the insurance experience for our customers. Our customers and partners are smart, passionate and full of great ideas and we seek their feedback regularly in order to constantly improve our business. If you’re reading this and have an idea, please don’t hesitate to connect with us and let us know.

  5. We love a good cause

    We are grateful to the communities that have helped us grow, so we don’t just talk about lending support – we get involved with dozens of community projects every year and throw our support behind many organizations that have touched our families and communities.