Simple, easy, and clear.

That's buyer friendly insurance.

Buyer Friendly Insurance
  • Shopping for Insurance

    Buying insurance has not always been fun or easy for people.

    Insurance can be complex at times, but it seems like no one has tried to make the experience better for customers. From long forms and hard to understand language to sales calls and inconvenient office hours, the process wasn’t built with the buyer in mind.

    While shopping for other products has gotten better and easier with technology, insurance has fallen behind.

  • Insurance for Western Canadians

    MIG is here to make insurance better for Western Canadians.

    We decided we were going to do things differently by focusing more on customers. We talked to people, listened and gathered information. In the end we knew we needed to redefine the role of the insurance broker. Instead of being a middle-man who just sells insurance we have made it our goal to give people the knowledge and tools to make buying insurance simpler and easier.

    Our mission is to create a world where insurance is bought, not sold.

  • Find and Buy Insurance

    The world of buyer friendly insurance.

    Buyer friendly insurance is our way of putting the focus where it belongs, on you, the customer. We want to make insurance more simple and easier to understand. Because we know it hasn’t always been clear for everyone.

    We all have a lot to do, so we’re working to give you more options for how you buy your insurance to make it more convenient both online and at our 9 convenient locations.

    We want you to find and buy insurance in a way that works best for you. We’re going to make communicating with us easy by being in more places and channels; so when you need us, we’re there.