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Simple, easy and clear crop hail insurance is just a couple of clicks away. Let’s get started.

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Protect your crops from the havoc a hail storm can cause on your yield and return on investment. In just a few quick clicks you can get your crop hail insurance application underway.

Weather can be unpredictable. As someone who makes your living by the grace of the weather, you already know both this and the value of a great crop hail program. At MIG Insurance, we have made purchasing crop hail insurance simple, easy and clear. By answering a few quick questions regarding your crop types and locations, our ag team will get back to you in minutes with quotes from the four leading crop hail insurance companies in Western Canada.

Ready to insure those crops? Let’s get started.

Read on to learn more about how a solid crop hail insurance program can protect your investment this growing season.


What is crop hail insurance and why do I need it?

Crop hail insurance protects your investment of input costs for this growing season against the potential to lose all or part of your crop from a hail event. Most crop hail insurance policies will also cover loss from fire as well. Insuring your crop against partial or catastrophic loss gives you some peace of mind that when the skies are looking ominous, your potential revenue is protected.


What crops will this insurance cover?

Crop hail insurance covers all types of crops, regardless of how diversified your operation has become. From cereal crops to specialty crops to those high value hemp acres, you can get the coverage you need to protect against loss from a hail storm.


How much does crop insurance cost?

The cost of crop insurance depends on both the location of the land and the type of crop being insured. Rates will vary by area. Our crop program offers the best of the four major crop insurance companies in Western Canada. We’ll search the markets and present the best options to you, offering choice in a convenient one step quote request.


When does crop hail insurance coverage begin?

Coverage begins at 12 noon on the day following your date of purchase.


When does crop hail insurance coverage end?

This can vary from one insurance company to another but generally it ends on October 31 st , either at noon or midnight (read policy wordings for details from your company).


How do I make a claim on my crop insurance policy?

To make a claim, a notice of loss must be submitted to the insurance company within three days of the storm that caused the damage. Either contact us here at MIG and we can get you started or visit the crop hail insurance company’s website to submit a claim directly. Either way, your MIG Ag Broker will make sure your claim is underway and resolved as quickly as possible.


How often do I need to inspect my crops throughout the growing season?

There are no hard and fast rules about this but since a claim needs to be reported within three days of the damage occurring, it’s best to keep an eye on those sprouts on a regular basis. Small microbursts can cause a lot of damage in a limited area in a very short time. You might not even be aware there was a weather event.

Simple, easy and clear crop hail insurance is just a couple of clicks away. Let’s get started. Contact Us