Introducing Overland Water Protection

November 20, 2015 4 min read
Overland Flood Insurance

Introducing Overland Water Protection! Don’t think you’re at risk? Keep reading.

Overland Water Protection covers losses from sudden accumulation or run off of surface water including torrential rainfall as well as overflow from fresh water rivers and lakes.  Specifically, “overland water” is defined as fresh water from rivers and lakes, or water suddenly accumulating from heavy rainfall or spring thaw.  These perils can be covered for customers in eligible areas.

Still don’t think you are at risk?

  • Today we experience 20 times the storms and floods than two decades ago
  • Severe weather events that use to happen every 40 years are now predicted to happen every 6 years
  • Major floods represent 40% of all natural disasters in this country
  • On average we experience 20 more rain days per year than before
  • Many floods occur in Manitoba that are unrelated to river overflow (i.e. heavy rains, spring run off)

At the national level, the Insurance Bureau of Canada is working on a Canadian solution for flood insurance programs, including flood mapping and coordination with governments.  In the meantime, some insurance companies have developed out coverage options that you may be eligible for which you should be aware of.  Below is a brief overview of each company’s coverage. To see if you are eligible for this coverage come visit one of our locations or contact us.

Aviva – Overland Water Protection

What does it cover?

  • Covers losses from sudden accumulation or run off of surface water including torrential rainfall as overflow from fresh water rivers and lakes

Does your property qualify?

  • Can be added as an endorsement to existing Aviva property policies that qualify where sewer back up is in place
  • Available to owners or tenants of houses, condos, rental properties
  • Coverage can be added immediately on properties, seasonal properties, or secondary properties provided your home is eligible
  • Sewer Back Up coverage must be in place when you buy Overland Water Endorsement.  You can buy Sewer Back Up alone-but there is no sewer back up coverage if overland water has entered your home

What is the difference between “Overland Water” and “Flood”?

  • “Overland Water” is fresh water from rivers and lakes, or water suddenly accumulating from heavy rainfall or spring thaw.  “Flood” refers to coastal flooding from salt water, such as tsunamis and tidal waves.  Overland Water is covered; the latter is not.

The Overland Water Endorsement has its own deductible separate from the overall deductible of the policy.  Choose from $1,000, $1,500, $5,000, $10,000, $25,000, and $50,000 dollar deductibles.


Intact – Enhanced Water Damage Package

Available February 2016

What does the Enhanced Water Damage Package Include?

  • Enhanced Water Damage Package is an evolution of the existing Water Escape/Back-Up coverages currently offered to homeowners
  • It includes Sewer Back Up and Water and Sewer Lines coverage for customers who currently have Water Escape/Back-Up coverages and coverage for Overland Water for those that are in eligible zones
  • Ground Water coverage is optional and available for those that have Overland Water coverage

Is this coverage available to me?

  • Coverage is available on Homeowners Comprehensive or Broad Form as well as Seasonal Broad Form

Enhanced Water Damage Package Detailed Description

  • Sewer Back-Up – Customers will be insured against direct physical loss or damage caused by the sudden and accidental backing up or escape of water or sewage within the dwelling or detached private structure through:
  • Sewer Back Up
  • Septic system failure
  • Sump failure
  • Drain
  • Water and Sewer Lines
  • $10,000 coverage to repair or replace exterior water and sewer lines due to loss resulting from a leak, break, tear, rupture, or collapseOverland WaterIf Enhanced Water Damage Package is purchased and the risk is in an eligible Overland Water Zone, Overland Water coverage is automatically included in this package and protects you against:Sewer Back-Up caused by surface water or floodFlood exposures such as overflow of a river or lakeSurface water

The Sewer Back-Up and Overland Water coverage will be subject to the same deductible the customer currently has for their Water Escape/Back-Up coverage.  The Water and Sewer Lines coverage will be subject to a $1000 deductible.

Questions?  Feel free to contract us here, or visit your nearest MIG Insurance branch today!

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