Legal Expense Insurance as Part of Your Renters Policy

August 30, 2018 2 min read
Legal Expense Insurance as Part of Your Renters Policy

What is Legal Expense Insurance?

Legal Expense Insurance is a unique coverage that provides you with legal advice and expertise on potential legal issues, legal defence for contract disputes when buying or selling goods and services, and provides you with legal rights and recourse if someone causes damage to your property.

How much does Legal Expense Insurance cost?

This coverage is automatically added to your MIG renters insurance policy through Peace Hills. There is no extra fee, just a value add we thought you might appreciate.

What does Legal Expense Insurance cover?

Legal Expense Insurance will provide up to $50,000 in legal costs.  There are limits and restrictions on the type of actual legal defence costs that are covered but there is unlimited access to advice and guidance seven days a week.

  • ‍Access to a general legal advice and guidance helpline seven days a week
  • ‍Answers to legal questions and expert advice on a potential legal issue.
  • Defence of your legal rights in contract disputes
  • ‍Legal recourse when someone causes more than $750 property damage or trespasses on your premises.

‍Most of all, this coverage can empower you at a time when you need someone in your corner to make sense of a not so pleasant legal situation. Although the actual legal defence costs are limited to certain situations, the telephone advice is not. You can access this service for any personal legal question you may have.

It’s never been easier to purchase renters insurance and with our renter’s insurance program through Peace Hills Insurance, the added benefit of Legal Expense Insurance is built right into the policy.

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