Ready for motorcycle season? Here’s what you need to know this spring.

March 31, 2021 3 min read
Motorcycle Insurance

It’s time to “get your motor runnin’ , get out on the highway….” Or putt around town!

Despite Manitoba living through four seasons in just a few days, it’s time to once again embrace that feeling you get when you’re out on the open road. Whether you’re seasoned at being an easy rider kind of person or are more of a scootering home from work type, there is lots to know about motorcycle insurance in Manitoba.  We’re here to help you get up to speed on the new coverages available through MPI and make sure you’re well protected for the season.

New Autopac Motorcycle Insurance Coverage

Looking to start cruising around town on your sweet ride? You will need motorcycle insurance if you are driving on any road way. Your minimum basic Autopac policy can now provide coverage up to a maximum insured value of $70,000 with $500,000 liability coverage and $750 deductible.  From there, you can customize your insurance with these important extension products.

  • Increased third party liability coverage is great bang for little buck! For around only $2 per month, depending on your driver rating, you can increase your basic liability coverage to up to $10 million. This is super important if your are planning to venture south of the 49th or even into other provinces where you could be sued for injuries and damages.
  • Choose the right deductible (link off to website) for you collision coverage.  An  important spoke in the wheel of your motorcycle insurance is determining the deductible for collision coverage. The basic deductible is $750 by you can choose to buy it down to either $500, $300 or $200.  Some people choose a lower deductible to lessen the financial impact to themselves at the time of a claim.  But read on; there is more to choosing a deductible …
  • Comprehensive coverage gives you added protection. Choose this coverage to protect yourself from the financial impact of damage from losses such as fire, theft, and windstorm. You will want to think about comprehensive coverage to give you that added protection. Comprehensive coverage provides protection from losses such as fire, theft and windstorm. If your motorcycle is stolen, the deductible is waived with both the $200 and $500 options. And the $200 option reduces to zero if your freedom machine is vandalized (who would dare??)
  • Will you need loss of use coverage? This really depends on how you use your motorcycle. Is it your main mode of transportation during the riding season? Have you booked a bunch of excursions with friends? Would not having your motorcycle for a few weeks be a spoiler for your summer? Loss of use coverage will get you back on a rental while yours in being assessed and repaired.

For more information on motorcycle insurance  and how it works, read more here.

How can you renew your motorcycle coverage during COVID-19?

We can get this done for you without coming to the office. Feel free to contact one of our autopac teams or hit the button and we’ll get this off your to-do list right now!

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