Tips and Tricks for Hiring a Home Improvements Contractor

July 24, 2018 2 min read
Tips and Tricks for Hiring a Home Improvements Contractor

If you’re thinking time on home improvement projects is best spent hiring someone to get the job done, finding the right contractor will make all the difference on the outcome of your project. No matter the size of the job, it’s important to find reliable, professional trades to help bring your vision of your home to life.

Relying on referrals from friends, internet searches and local trades you have seen in your area is a great start to creating a list of potential contractors.  But then how do you decide which one is right to get the job done for you?

Here are some important questions to ask of each of them:

  • ‍Have they done similar projects to yours in the past?
  • ‍Has some of that work been done in your area?
  • ‍Can they provide referrals you can contact and maybe even view the work that was done?
  • ‍Will the company work on the project continuously or will they be balancing several jobs at once? How will this affect the time for completion?
  • ‍Will the company be hiring other subcontractors to work on your project?
  • What kinds of permits are needed to complete the work and is that included in their scope of work or up to you to acquire?
  • ‍Can the company guarantee a time for completion of the project?

If your prospective contractors answer these questions to your satisfaction, ask two or three of them to provide a written quotation for the work to be completed.  Be sure the quote includes materials, labour and start and finish dates.  If they are using subcontractors, talk with them about providing a lien waiver.  You could pay your contractor in full but, if in turn, he doesn’t pay his subcontractors, he or she could put a lien on your home.

Always talk to us about the changes you are making to your home.  We will want to make sure your insurable value keeps pace so, if something should happen, that recently added three season room is accounted for in a claim.  Contact us at info@miginsurance.cacall us or hit us up on LiveChat.

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