What is Personal Liability Coverage for Renters Insurance?

August 7, 2018 3 min read
What is Personal Liability Coverage for Renters Insurance?

Renters insurance personal liability coverage is part of the standard renters insurance coverage. This coverage will protect you financially in the event that you are legally liable for damages as a result of bodily injury, or property damage caused to you or your rental property or property of others.

Our policies start at a $2,000,000 liability and you can buy up this coverage up to $5,000,000.

What does personal liability coverage for renters insurance usually cover?

There are a multitude of scenarios where it would be important for a renter to have liability insurance.  Imagine if a guest at your residence falls down the stairs and is severely injured? If you are found to be negligent, you can be sued. Imagine this: you are running a bath and you get distracted. The bath overflows and floods your whole floor. Personal liability coverage for renters insurance will cover you for the damages you caused.

Won’t I be covered if my landlord has a policy for the place I am renting?

A simple answer is no; landlord’s policies will not cover the renter.

Let’s take a closer look. A landlord’s policy may cover structural damage to the residence caused by covered perils such as fire or a hailstorm, but this coverage does not typically extend to the renters personal property, which can add up to a lot of stuff!

Many landlords and rental agencies now insist on seeing a copy of your tenants insurance before they will hand over the keys to your new place.  No landlord wants to be in a dispute with their renter over who should be on the hook for damage or loss of property.

Having renters insurance keeps it clear for everyone involved – the landlord has their coverage for the structure and any loss or damage caused and the renter has coverage for their own property and any liability for loss or damage caused.  This way, there are no grey areas when it comes to determining where each party’s responsibility starts and stops.

For more information on this, read our post on why landlords should require renters insurance.

Does my personal liability coverage for renters insurance cover me when I’m away from home?

You bet. This is why this is such an important part of your policy.  Let’s say you are riding a bicycle through France and you happen to lose control, running into a street cafe, injuring a patron enjoying a baguette. Your renters insurance liability coverage will follow you all the way to France or just around the corner to your friend’s house.  It’s added protection if you accidentally cause damage to someone else’s property or cause bodily harm to others.

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