When to Change Your MPI Auto Insurance from All-Purpose to Pleasure

April 1, 2020 4 min read
Pleasure or purpose insurance

Needless to say, 2020 has been an interesting year From your work environment, to social distancing and adapting to this new normal there is a lot going on for everyone.

Through all of this, your auto insurance needs may need to be updated to reflect your current use. Whether you are working from home or taking your own vehicle to work as opposed to public transit, or other situations that may come up, your auto insurance policy will need to be updated. Below we’ve outlined the differences between all-purpose and pleasure use to help you determine whether or not your MPI policy needs to change as well as ways you can get in touch with us to make that change seamlessly.

MPI All Purpose vs Pleasure Insurance Types

All Purpose Motor Vehicle

MPI All Purpose Insurance coverage is exactly what it sounds like; you are not restricted from any vehicle use

Most people who have this are those going to or from (or part way) to work, school or for business purposes on a regular basis

Pleasure Motor Vehicle

MPI Pleasure Insurance coverage restricts your vehicle use to going to work no more than four times a month or 1,609 km during a rating term, an’t be used for business purposes, and while you are able to drive dependents to school, those who are driving themselves to school would not classify as pleasure use.

Most people who classify their vehicle use as Pleasure are those who are retired, are a stay at home parent or on maternity leave, able to work from home, or those who take other forms of transportation to work or school

Is There a Difference in Cost Between All Purpose and Pleasure Coverage?

Depending on your policy and vehicle rating, there will be differences in insurance rates and therefore cost for all of these classes of use. For example, if you are now able to work from home and not going into work more than four times in the month, you will receive a credit on file from changing from all-purpose to pleasure as the likelihood of having a claim diminishes substantially. On the other hand, if you normally take public transit to work and have changed to driving your own vehicle, you have a higher likelihood of incurring a claim so there will be a portion of premium owed upon making that change. Ask us if you have questions about cost.

Other vehicle uses?

If you are now using your vehicle for new purposes such as delivery or for business purposes, you will need to have your policy updated to reflect the new usage. Our brokers can help identify if you need to change your vehicle classification or work with you to determine the suitable coverage.

How Do I Change my MPI Auto Insurance Coverage

As an Autopac agent, MIG can help you make changes to your MPI insurance coverage, including changing your Autopac insurance between All Purpose and Pleasure, just click talk to a broker below to start. If there is a charge to be paid for this change, or any other change you would like to make, including registering a new vehicle or renewing existing policies, you can pay by credit card. We just need your drivers licence or Autopac number to start.

We know there is a lot going on in the world as well as our own life, and we are here for you to answer any questions or help with any changes you may need to make. Throughout our organization, our staff are doing everything they can to help in a remote environment as our offices are no longer open to the public at this time. All MPI transactions can be done remotely either via phone or email. If you need us, we are here. Please visit our COVID-19 information page to find contact information for our auto brokers in each region we serve.

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