Fitness and Personal Trainers Insurance

Fitness and Personal Trainer Insurance that's simple, easy and clear.

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Fitness and Personal Trainer Insurance

Do your clients lift things up and put them down? Or are they transitioning from downward facing dog to chatarunga? As a fitness pro, you’ll need to bulk up on the right insurance karma for you, your landlord and your clients.

  • Protect your studio or gym space and contents
  • Liability coverage for you, your landlord and your employees
  • Get covered now in as little as five minutes

Understanding the coverage you need has never been easier.  Let’s get started on the fitness professionals insurance protection for you with just a few simple questions.

What’s Covered by Fitness, Salons and Personal Services Insurance?

Designed specifically for health club, studio and gym owners, this program provides all the essential insurance protection you will need. It includes up to $5 million in Comprehensive General Liability with additional coverage for employees, Errors and Omissions, malpractice and equipment coverage.  Optional coverage is available for office equipment and improvements and building insurance.

Here are some important components of insurance for fitness professionals and those offering personal services:

Liability Insurance

Liability coverage can cover you, your landlord and any employees who may be working on behalf of you. Should anyone be injured during instruction on or off your premises, this will cover you for any claims of negligence.

Errors and Omissions Coverage

As a fitness professional, you have an obligation to ensure your work is properly performed. Any error or omission in your work may make you responsible in damages. This coverage will provide up to $2 million in protection.

Malpractice Coverage

This provides protection for you and your employees should there be negligence in the care of a client, up to $1 million.

Premises, Contents and Equipment

If you own your building, this coverage can also be factored into your insurance policy.  If you are renting, you will want to insure all your equipment, contents, office equipment and any upgrades and tenant improvements to your space.

Fitness and Personal Trainer Insurance that's simple, easy and clear. Buy now