Health Spending Account

Your health care dollars. Your way.

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Health Spending Account

Flexible health spending account coverage at the amount you can afford.

You work hard for your money. Let your health care dollars work hard for you.

A health spending account (HSA) is a great alternative (or supplement) to a traditional employee benefits health plan. It’s an account that is established to exclusively pay for health care services for you and your family members. It doesn’t include any mandatory insurance coverage and can be used to pay for expenses that aren’t covered under traditional plans such as orthodontics, laser eye surgery or fertility treatments.

Are health care spending accounts worth it?

  • Plan members can choose from a wide variety of eligible expenses; there are less restrictions than a traditional benefits plan
  • You can add optional insurance coverage to supplement your HSA, such as travel insurance, catastrophic events or life insurance
  • Contributions are a tax deduction for your company and a non-taxable benefit for your employees
  • Eligible dependants can include additional family members outside of your spouse and children

How does a health care spending account work?

1. Decide your contribution amount.

This is the amount you want available for each employee. Deposits into your HSA can be used as a corporate tax deduction and can reduce the taxes you pay.

2. Add optional additional coverage.

You can choose to add additional coverage such as travel or catastrophic medical events to protect your family against unexpected events

3. Your HSA. Your eligible expenses.

You choose which eligible expenses you want to be covered under your HSA.  Claims can be easily submitted through a smartphone or tablet.  ‍