CareersHelp create a world of buyer friendly insurance.

We Embody Our Values

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    Pioneer spirits challenging the status quo in product delivery

    We’re looking for creative innovators who have a passion for challenging the status quo and want to help us create a world where insurance is bought, not sold.

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    My Community

    Relationship based, trusted delivery of our service promise

    Do you pride yourself in the relationships you keep? Us too. Help us create customer journey’s that leave our clients wishing insurance was a more frequent purchase.

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    Intuitive, responsive level of service

    Are you as innovative and hardworking as you are fun to work with? Think revolutionizing how people get insurance is super important? Let’s talk.

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    Professional, trusted advisors to our customers, both internal and external

    Working at MIG, you have our clients backs. And we have yours. We empower our employees to be autonomous and decisions on behalf of MIG that are in the best interest of our clients.

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    Product and service delivery the way our customers want to do business

    We’re a customer-centric company and offer incredible client experiences at every touch point. Being part of our team, in any capacity, means always keeping this at the forefront.

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    Knowledgeable, professional, empowered employees whose key goal is service delivery to our customers

    We’re all about creative, self-starting leaders who are excited by the thought of changing an entire industry for the better. We’re a team of makers. Makers seek creativity in everything they do. Exceptionally smart team players, makers don’t think of work as… well, work. Are you a self starter? A maker? Help us make the impossible, possible.


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Team Stories

  • Arielle Keith

    I have had a great experience working with MIG so far. I enjoy having work that is challenging and that teaches me new skills. MIG is especially a great company to work for as managers and leadership team genuinely care about their employees and their success and happiness at work.

    Something that sets MIG apart that I am proud of is our commitment to community. MIG and its staff values customers that have been with us for a long time and care about them personally. It is often I am working at the Main street location and customers don’t recognize me as someone they usually see there and they take that as an opportunity to give me the history of MIG and how long they have been clients. It makes me proud how loyal these customers are to MIG and how much MIG cares about them and has accommodated them over the years.

  • Kim Nikkel

    As an employee with MIG for over 11 years, my experience has been one of personal growth, expanding my career & pushing myself to new limits. As a member of the MIG team I try to always be there for my co-workers, to guide and support in whichever way they require, the same way they do for me.

    What sets MIG apart that I’m proud of, is that MIG is a company that encourages you to develop your career in a way that matches your personality, talents and goals. While they are a competitive, modern brokerage, they still retain the small business personality that appeals to many clients. And as someone who loves to interact with people, it is a pleasure to be employed by a company that offers me that opportunity with every client and encourages us to enjoy our work and have fun with it.