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As a business owner or manager, you wear many hats. Your list of to do’s can be daunting. Your MIG Insurance broker is here to help.  Through a comprehensive review of your business operations, our team can help define your business insurance protection program. 

MIG Insurance is creating a world where insurance is bought, not sold. Our team is here to be your trusted advisors, offering the information you need to make the best decisions for your business. 

It’s a holistic approach to building a risk and insurance portfolio that will help you accomplish your business goals while balancing all of the hats.  Our expertise in the following areas of business insurance is your resource to ensure your business is well protected.  We can help maximize the effectiveness of insurance by connecting you to the products that will matter most.

Following are some of our featured products and categories of insurance. We provide some products in a self-serve environment, letting you choose the coverage you need and purchasing directly from our site. For other more complicated forms of insurance, we will work with you to define the coverage that will best protect your business.

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Winnipeg Branch

MIG Insurance
1401 Portage Avenue,
Winnipeg, MB. R3G 0W1.

Phone:  204-272-4709
Fax: 204-772-8893

Portage la Prairie Branch

MIG Insurance
412 Saskatchewan Ave. W.
Portage la Prairie, MB. R1N 0M4.

Phone:  204-400-1210
Fax:  204-239-6500

Winkler Branch

MIG Insurance
725 Main Street, Box 1298, 
Winkler, MB. R6W 4B3.

Phone:  204-325-6777
Fax:  204-325-9657

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