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The province of Manitoba has a landscape of rivers, lakes, forests, prairies, and mountains that stretch from the Hudson Bay in the east to the Arctic tundra in the north and farmlands in the south. Manitoba truly is a beautiful province, though its climate can be unforgiving at times, bringing harsh winters and a snow and ice-covered landscape. Although Manitoba is not susceptible to strong earthquakes, the danger of tornadoes does persist in southern Manitoba due to its ultra-continental climate. Most Manitobans live in a flood zone, therefore a number of flood prevention measures should be taken for peace of mind. Manitobans can avail of overland water protection through MIG as an add on to their home insurance policy.

MIG Insurance is proud to offer a range of flexible home insurance coverage options to give you peace of mind, wherever in “Friendly Manitoba” you call home. Below you’ll find more information on home insurance in Manitoba, as well as how MIG can help you find the perfect coverage for your needs.

How Much Does Home Insurance Cost in Manitoba?

Home Insurance, Property Type Monthly Rate
Within Winnipeg – homeowners $89
Within Winnipeg – condo $37
Within Winnipeg – renters $23
Outside of Winnipeg – homeowners $94
Outside of Winnipeg – condo $37
Outside of Winnipeg – renters $25
Canada – all home insurance $72
Canada – homeowners $77
Canada – renters $41
AB – homeowners $84
AB – renters $49
BC – homeowners $85
BC – renters $47
ON – homeowners $78
ON – renters $42
QC – homeowners $70
QC – renters $33

The chart above provides a comparison for Renters, Condo and Homeowners Insurance premiums in Manitoba to those from across the country. Rates will vary from one city or town in Manitoba to another as insurance companies utilize rate tables for various territories based on experience ratings, claims data, exposure to risks, etc.

Some of the factors affecting Manitoba insurance costs include exposure to overland water, extreme hot weather conditions such as hail and wind storms that can include tornados, and extreme cold in the winter that can increase incidents of damage to pipes and structures. The good news is Manitoba is free from threat of volcanoes and earthquakes!

Renters will typically pay less for their insurance than homeowners because a renter isn’t insuring the value of the structure; this is the responsibility of their landlord. Renters insurance includes contents coverage and liability for any accidental damage caused to property or bodily injury to others.  Home insurance includes this as well as coverage for loss or damage to the actual structure and any outbuildings, decks, garages, even landscaping.

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What Affects Home Insurance Prices in Manitoba?

Home insurance covers the cost of replacing your home – not it’s market value. Sometimes this value can be a lot higher than the market value of the home, it is important to know that upfront so don’t be surprised if the insured value of your home is higher than you think it is worth.

So, what factors go into pricing insurance to protect your home? More than you think actually. Insurers will take into account:

  • Where you live.
  • The type of neighbourhood you live in and how many claims have been made there.
  • How close you live to a fire hydrant and fire station.
  • Your personal claim history.
  • Your home’s electrical wiring, piping, whether you have a wood stove (having one puts you in a higher-risk category), and the age of your roof.
  • Your credit score, if you consent to one.

These factors compile what is considered your insurance score, or risk profile, which they can use to price the coverage. It is important to note that if you consent to a credit check it will only be used to determine whether you qualify for premium discounts, not increases.

What Can You Do to Save on Home Insurance in Manitoba?

  • Maintain a good insurance score.
  • Raise your deductible.
  • Outfit your home with emergency protection features (e.g., sewer backup valve, hail-proof roof, or a home security system).
  • Remain claims-free for three years or more.
  • Stay with the same insurer for a period of time (varies by insurer).
  • Buy a newer home.
  • Install security and monitoring devices (some insurers are offering discounts for IoT devices)

10 Fun Facts About Manitoba

  • The word “Manitoba” means “where the spirit lives”, in languages of the Aboriginal people who first lived in the region.
  • We Manitobans are not only really cool, we’re also really diverse. Since the late 1800s, we have welcomed immigrants from all over the world, earning us the moniker “Friendly Manitoba” for our warmth towards newcomers.
  • Based on the 2011 census, the top languages spoken in Manitoba are English, German, French, Tagalog (Filipino), Cree, Ukrainian, Chinese, Punjabi, Spanish and Ojibway.
  • At one point in geological history, Manitoba was an alpine province with huge mountain ranges.
  • Manitoba basks in more than 2,300 hours of bright sunshine per year with southern Manitoba enjoying up to 16 hours of daylight during peak summer weeks.
  • Manitoba has fewer residents, but more curling clubs than Ontario and Quebec combined.
  • The town of Gimli has the largest Icelandic community outside of Iceland.
  • On one day in 2012, in a random chain of kindness, customers at a Winnipeg Tim Hortons picked up the tab for the next customer 288 times in a row.
  • Manitoba is called a keystone province because of its shape and position in the centre of Canada.
  • The Canadian Museum for Human Rights (CMHR) is the first national museum outside of Ottawa and the only museum in the world solely dedicated to human rights.

How to Get Home Insurance in Manitoba

The MIG Insurance process to getting home insurance is VERY simple.

  • Determine what type of insurance you need
  • Determine what type of coverage you need
  • Receive your insurance policy

Getting a quote online is free and takes just a few minutes. We have simplified everything because we understand your time is valuable and want the quickest results possible.

Home Insurance Policy Types

For property you own, there are two main types of home insurance policies: broad-form and comprehensive. Depending on where you live (whether it’s a home, condominium, mobile home or seasonal property), coverage options will vary. Property you rent will be covered under renters insurance.

Broad policies provide all risk coverage for your home and only named perils coverage for your contents. This means that coverage would not be available for accidental loss or damage caused to your contents. Comprehensive policies provide all risk coverage on both the home and your contents. Accidental loss or damage would be covered on your contents under a comprehensive policy.

Manitoba Home Insurance Coverage

Home insurance is for anyone who owns their home. It protects your home and possessions against burglaries, fire, water damage and most unforeseen circumstances. In addition to protecting your belongings, home insurance includes liability coverage that protects you against negligent acts that may occur either in, or away from, your home.

The available coverage is fairly straightforward, but depending on your particular situation, some areas may be more important than others.

Structural Protection

Your home and all other structures will be replaced at their total value, should you suffer a complete loss. MIG has the tools and advisors you need to walk you through the evaluation process, and to be sure that your home and all additional structures will be replaced at their total value.

Personal Property Protection

Your belongings are likely worth more than you think. Having the right insurance will insure these belongings against whatever it may cost to replace them, should you suffer a partial or total loss. Personal property limits are usually calculated as a percentage of the value of the home. If your personal property exceeds this limit, additional coverage will be needed.

Liability Coverage

One of the most important (and often overlooked) benefits of home insurance is the liability coverage that you have at home and which follows you when you’re away. Should an accident occur on your property that results in damages to someone else or to a neighbouring property, liability coverage covers you for repair and medical expenses. Or, if you’re outside your home and accidentally cause damage to someone else’s property, you’re personally covered if you are deemed liable.

Living Expenses

If your space can’t be occupied because of damage from a loss, living expenses coverage will cover the cost of alternative living arrangements, even the cost of meals while you get back on your feet.

Sewer, Water Damage & Flood Coverage

Depending where you live, your enjoyment of the spring season can be accompanied by anxiety about potential flooding. If you have questions, our team is here to help. We can work with you to assess what type of additional coverage you may need. When you’re fully insured, you can stop worrying about the implications of rising water levels and quickly get back to enjoying the warmer temperatures.

Making a Home Insurance Claim in Manitoba

Now for the most important part of your home insurance policy: making a claim. Many Manitobans think that some insurance providers try to make it difficult to open claims and try to worm their way out of paying claims. Instead of being a middle-man who just sells home insurance, we have made it our goal to give you the knowledge and tools to make buying home insurance in Manitoba simple.

Simple claims process: At MIG, we make navigating through the claims process as easy as possible. When the worse things happens, reach out to us in the way it makes most sense to you – we will be here for you. We’ll let you know exactly what supporting documentation you might need to provide as we work through the claims process.

Fast response times: Completing your claims form online can save you time because it means we’ll have the initial information and can get to work right away. We’ll give you a call on the next business day and work with you through the next steps. Remember to keep your supporting documents close to hand.

We help you every step of the way: Our goal is to process your claim as quickly as possible. At each step, our aim is to help you move closer to a conclusion. We will be in touch at regular intervals to keep you updated on the claim progress, and to give you the opportunity to ask any questions you may have.

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