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The winters in Winnipeg may be harsh, but buying home insurance in “Winterpeg” doesn’t have to be. Whether you’re looking to protect your residence or seasonal retreat, we’ll do everything possible to find you the perfect home insurance coverage. We offer a range of flexible options that will help you deliver peace-of-mind to wherever in Winnipeg you call home.

Get the Right Winnipeg Home Insurance Coverage

Holiday dinners, late nights with friends, early morning cartoons with the kids – your home is where life happens, and we can help you protect it. Buying house insurance might seem complex, but we do everything possible to find the perfect coverage in the Winnipeg for you.

Structural Protection

Home insurance will help cover the cost to replace your home and structures should you suffer a total loss. Our MIG Insurance brokers have all the tools needed to walk you through the evaluation process and determine your insured value.

Personal Property Protection

There’s more to contents than just furnishings. From clothing and electronics to bicycles and jewellery, your belongings will probably add up to more than you think. Having the right home insurance in place can cover the cost of replacing it all.

Liability Coverage

Should an accident occur that causes damage to someone else or a neighboring property, you are covered for repair and medical expenses. Accidents can sometimes result in injuries and a huge cost to go with it; your policy will pay for that along with any other losses occurring from that event.

Living Expenses

If your space can’t be occupied because of damage from a loss, living expenses coverage will cover the cost of alternative living arrangements, even the cost of meals while you get back on your feet.

Buyer-friendly Home Insurance

Buying insurance has not always been fun or easy for people. In fact, it can seem quite complex at times. MIG is here to make insurance better for you. Instead of being a middle-man who just sells insurance, we have made it our goal to give you the knowledge and tools to make buying insurance simpler and easier. Buyer-friendly insurance is our way of putting the focus where it belongs, on you, the customer.

Get Your Winnipeg Home Insurance Quote Now

Get your free Winnipeg home insurance quote online now, or call 204-809-9813 for a phone quote. Simply provide some basic details about yourself, your home’s characteristics and your coverage profile, and you’ll have your quote in no time.

Locate Your Nearest MIG Insurance Broker in Winnipeg

With four locations in Winnipeg, MIG Insurance is in your community and ready to work with you. Find a Winnipeg MIG Insurance broker location near you.

1401 Portage Ave.

MIG Insurance
1401 Portage Avenue,
Winnipeg, MB. R3G 0W1.

Phone:  204-272-4709
Fax: 204-772-8893

3715 Portage Ave.

MIG Insurance
3715 Portage Ave.
Winnipeg, MB. R3K 0X4.

Phone:  204-813-0975
Fax:  204-831-1986

2405 Main St.

MIG Insurance
500A – 2405 Main St.
Winnipeg, MB. R2V 4Z5.

Phone:  204-500-1452
Fax:  204-586-8576

3900 Grant Ave.

MIG Insurance
6A – 3900 Grant Ave.
Winnipeg, MB. R3R 3C2.

Phone:  204-809-8702
Fax:  204-896-3325

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