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Your vehicle is more than an investment. It is your freedom, it lets you get to where you want to go when you want to go there. Let us help you find the right auto insurance coverage; you dictate how and when you want to communicate with us. We can handle all of your auto insurance and driver licensing requirements to keep you in the driver seat.

Choosing the right auto insurance coverage can be tough. Let one of our Autopac specialists walk you through your options and help you choose the coverage best suited for you to make sure you’re protected out on the open road. Note, there are significant changes to Autopac coverages effective April 2021. To learn more, read our blog highlighting all changes.

Personal Auto Insurance Types

  • Basic Car Insurance

In Manitoba, basic car insurance is a mandatory coverage through Manitoba Public Insurance (MPI), a Manitoba government crown corporation. MPI’s car insurance product is called Autopac which is distributed through independent insurance brokers across Manitoba, including all our MIG locations. Basic coverage provides financial protection against the loss or damage of your vehicle caused by collision, upset, vandalism, theft, hail and fire. This is called comprehensive coverage.

In addition to physical damage to your vehicle, your Autopac policy includes a limited amount of third party liability coverage, which can be increased by purchasing extended liability, provided either by MPI or from other insurance companies. And every Manitoban is automatically covered by PIPP (Personal Injury Protection Plan) which focuses on financial losses from injury or death, regardless of who was at fault in an accident.


  • Third Party Liability Insurance

Third Party Liability Insurance covers you for personal and property damage you may cause when travelling anywhere in North America. Even travelling to other jurisdictions such as other provinces, you can be sued for bodily injury and property damage. All Manitobans are protected by PIPP — personal injury protection program– which means that we cannot sue each other for bodily injury. However, if you are in an accident outside of Manitoba, whether in another province or the United States, you can be sued. The basic $500,000 liability coverage would not go far in settling a liability claim in another province or in the US. If you travel outside of Manitoba’s borders, increasing your liability coverage is very important and very affordable for up to $10million.


  • Loss of Use

Loss of Use covers your expenses to rent a vehicle while yours is being repaired or while you look to replace your vehicle if yours has been written off.


  • New Vehicle Protection

New Vehicle Protection offers additional coverage for new or late-model vehicles to cover the difference in the current value of your vehicle and the cost of replacing it with the same model. The value of your new vehicle drops substantially as soon as you drive it off the lot. Let’s say one year into your new car it is written off. Your basic mandatory auto insurance will reimburse you at the depreciated value of the vehicle. However, if you purchase new vehicle protection, you will receive the full purchase price of your vehicle plus inflation. This coverage is available through several of our insurance company partners. The coverage can vary though from one to another. Optiom provides this coverage for up to seven years on a new vehicle and ensures you are getting into a comparable vehicle.

How does New Vehicle Protection work if I lease my car?

Leased Vehicle Protection works the same as new vehicle protection but provides reimbursement to your leasing company for the cost of replacing the vehicle.


  • Used Vehicle Protection

Used Vehicle Protection is only available through Optiom Insurance and provides a fantastic benefit to protect the value of your new-to-you vehicle. This coverage is available for up to five years with no increase in premium and can be bought for used cars up to 10 years of age.


  • Rental Car Insurance

Rental Vehicle Insurance provides physical damage and third party liability coverage in the event you are in an accident while renting a vehicle. Although you can purchase this coverage at the car rental desk, it is very expensive for less coverage than what you can purchase through one of our car insurance companies. If you have an SMI auto extension policy with us, annual rental car insurance is part of this policy… you can rent freely throughout the year. So if you travel and often rent a vehicle, this is a great option for you.

Do you need auto insurance to rent a car?

When you rent a car as a licenced driver, you will need to purchase rental car insurance as your primary autopac does not cover rental car coverage. However, you do have choices in this regard as well.

An SMI Auto Extension policy provides rental car coverage on an annual basis, meaning you do not have to purchase rental car coverage every time you rent a vehicle. You can also purchase rental car coverage through MPI on an as needed basis. Regardless, we recommend you choose one of these options as opposed to taking the rental car coverage offered at the rental car counter as this tends to be very expensive and less coverage in comparison. Just plan a bit ahead and we can get this in place for you!


  • Lay-Up Insurance

Lay-Up Insurance covers your vehicle for accidental loss or damage caused by fire, theft, hail, lightning and vandalism while it is in storage. That sweet little convertible you love driving around in the summer months is well protected while being snug in storage. There is no coverage if the vehicle is driven so it’s very important to restore full coverage before hopping behind the wheel in the spring.


  • Income Replacement Indemnity

Income Replacement Indemnity is part of MPI’s PIPP (Personal Injury Protection Plan) and provides for 90% of your normal wages should you be injured and unable to return to your employment.


  • Deductible Options

Deductible options are available based on your adversity to having to pay the basic $750 deductible at the time of a loss and currently can be bought down to $500, $300, $200 Standard or $200 Plus. In the event of an accident, you will be responsible for the first portion of the loss, or the deductible.


Coverage Options

Autopac – A Manitoba Public Insurance Product.

SMI – Saskatchewan Mutual Insurance Company

Optiom Inc

Basic Insurance

Only available through Autopac

Third Party Liability

Up to $10 million Up to $5 million

Loss of Use

Available Available Included

New Vehicle Protection

Available Available Pays difference between market value at the time of loss and MSRP of new equivalent model replacement vehicle*

Used Vehicle Protection

Not available Not available Pays difference between market value at time of loss and vehicle value at policy inception; optional 5% per year value increase*

Leased Vehicle Protection

Available Available

Rental Vehicle Insurance

Daily coverage Year round with loss of use

Lay-up Insurance

Available Included

Income Replacement Indemnity


Off Road Vehicles

Available Not available


Available Not available

Deductible Options

$200 Standard, 200 Plus, 300, 500, 750 Deductible reimbursement at $100, 200 or 300 Deductible reimbursement

Classic Car

Available Available *Optional coverage for diminished vehicle value benefit

Check out our product pages to learn more about extension auto products through MPI, SMI and Optiom, as well as options for classic cars and off road vehicles.

Car Insurance in Manitoba Explained

How does car insurance work in Manitoba?

Basic compulsory car insurance is provided by Manitoba Public Insurance and is purchased through insurance brokers just like us at MIG! Beyond the basic coverage required, Manitobans have choices in products for extension coverages, such as increased liability limits, new and used car price protection and more. As a brokerage, we can help you figure out the best combination of auto products to suit your needs. To help, we have developed some examples of people who buy insurance just like you! Check out our auto insurance personas to find the one that best matches your scenario to help demonstrate the choices you have in auto insurance. And then contact us here to help you pull together the best coverage options for your situation.

Is auto insurance required in Manitoba?

Yes, auto insurance is required in Manitoba for all vehicles that are being driven off of personal property. The minimum requirement is Autopac basic coverage which right now provides collision coverage (also known as tin and glass), personal injury protection, $500,000 third party liability coverage and a standard deductible of $750. Please note, these values are reflective of the changes taking place in April 2021.

Does auto insurance cover windshield repair and window replacement?

Auto insurance does cover repair and replacement of glass on your car. Unless you have bought down your deductible to the $200 Plus option, you will need to pay your deductible for glass repair. Private auto insurance products such as the program offered by SMI also allow for a deductible buy down and work in conjunction with your Autopac policy.

What is the minimum legal driving age in Manitoba?

In Manitoba, you must be at least 16 years old to apply for your licence. Most first time drivers will opt to take the High School Driver Education program and can actually apply for a Class 5 learners licence at age 15 ½ , providing mom or dad signs off on this life changing right of passage.

MPI has created a unique driver training program called Driver Z. The program provides a combination of online, in person and in car instruction as well as a clear road forward to get where you want to be… driving independently on the open road.

How can I save money on auto insurance in Manitoba?

Save money on your car insurance in Manitoba by considering these few simple ideas:

  • Keep a clean driving record – The cost of your insurance and licensing is directly impacted by your driving record. If you are seen as a safe driver with few or no infractions, you will see those savings reflected in your auto insurance and license costs.
  • Choose the right vehicle for you – The more expensive the vehicle, the more costly it is to repair or replace if damaged or written off. The incidence of theft and safety ratings of the vehicle can also come into play. These factors get reflected in the insurance cost for the vehicle you choose to drive, so you may want to consider this when you are shopping for your next car.
  • Increase your deductible – This will depend on your risk tolerance and your ability to outlay cash in the event of a claim. Your premium will be higher if you purchase a lower deductible but at the time of a claim, you will have less outlay of cash to get fixed up and back on the road.
  • Review your coverage – Talk with us about how you use your vehicle. Perhaps you have had a change in your need to drive which may impact whether you insure your car for pleasure use or all purpose use.

Learn more about ways to reduce the cost of your insurance by checking out our blog on Tips to Reduce Your Auto Insurance Premiums

How to Purchase Car Insurance

Where can I buy auto insurance?

With 8 branches in Manitoba, you’ll likely find one of our auto insurance brokers in or near your neighbourhood. Alternatively, you can start your auto insurance process electronically or by phone. Connect with us here and we’ll get the motor running.

How can I renew my auto insurance?

Whether you are able to come see us in person or would prefer to connect through our website or by phone, we can get the process started for you.

Can I get an auto insurance quote online?

Yes, you can get a quote for your car insurance here. Many of our customers like to know what their car insurance cost will be before they take those new wheels out for a test drive. Or perhaps you have many makes and models you would like to consider…. Know before you buy as not all cars are created equal in the eyes of insurance. Check out our blogpost Tips to Reduce Your Auto Insurance Premiums to learn more.

Can I buy auto insurance online?

At this point in time, you cannot buy auto insurance online as you can with some of our other products but we do make it as painless as possible to get your insurance and licencing in place. Is your insurance currently coming up for renewal or reassessment? We can help facilitate this as simply as possible. CTA – Renew my driver’s licence and insurance CTA – Pay my annual assessment CTA – Renew my extension auto products with SMI and/or Optiom

What are extension auto insurance coverages?

Extension auto insurance provides increased and enhanced coverages beyond your basic mandatory car insurance purchase. When it comes to building out your car insurance program, beyond the basic mandatory Autopac coverage, you have options on important “bolt on” coverages from a few different providers.

In Manitoba, you can customize your auto insurance by selecting the products from the providers that make the most sense for your unique situation.

What car insurance coverage is best for you in your situation?

Are you unsure of the various coverages you should be purchasing to properly insure you and your car? As always, you can speak with one of our auto insurance brokers who can guide you through the options – which coverage and through which company. Remember, once you purchase your basic Autopac coverage through MPI, you have options for the extended coverages.

To provide a little extra guidance, check out our personas and see if the story behind our MIG characters sounds a little bit like yours. It might help you to explore the options available. And of course, by all means contact us for more info and we will be happy to help you build a unique car insurance policy for you.

Car Insurance Customer Personas:

(1.) Meet Blaire, a 24 year old, university graduate who is just starting her new career. She is pretty light on savings because she has only recently quit describing herself as a financially struggling student. Her new job as an account executive at a design studio keeps her pretty busy. When she can, she loves spending time with her friends, often travelling outside of Manitoba to take in concerts, camp in the mountains and other great adventures. Blaire is just starting out in her career so her savings and disposable income are somewhat limited. It’s important to her to be able to have the financial security to get her back into the same vehicle should her car be written off in an accident. Her best options for car insurance are:
Auto Insurance
  • Basic Autopac
  • Buy down deductible to $200 Plus
  • Purchase used car protection from Optiom (and add on the key replacement coverage because she is self admittedly a bit forgetful and has lots her keys many times).


(2.) This is Guy. He’s coming up to his 41st birthday soon. It’s a tough number but not as tough as when he turned 40. That’s when he bought his new Corvette convertible which will never see the road during a Manitoba winter. He has his two year old truck for that. Guy travels a lot for work but also enjoys personal travel with his family which means he is often renting vehicles in the new places they explore.
A great combination of coverages for Guy would include:

  • Basic Autopac
  • SMI extension auto policy with $5 million liability, annual rental car coverage, lay up insurance for the vet
  • Optiom’s new car protection program because it guarantees original manufacturer’s parts
Man admiring classic car
(3.) Claire works part time in the medical tech industry but her favourite part of her day is with her two kids and her husband Tyler. She’s a sports mom and can mostly be seen driving her little sports stars as well as their friends to and from their events. If she were to lose her vehicle in an accident, the day to day of looking after her kiddos and getting back and forth to work would be totally disrupted.

Claire should think of the following coverage for her and her family:

  • Basic Autopac
  • Extension auto through SMI to give her increased third party liability and loss of use that is based on getting her into the same vehicle she is currently in. A small two door vehicle just won’t cut it for this busy family!