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SMI Extension Auto

As an option to increase your coverage through your MPI auto insurance policy, Saskatchewan Mutual Insurance offers private auto extensions that may be a better fit. Through this company we can offer you competitive rates for reduced deductible, raised third party liability, and more comprehensive auto loss of use coverage.

Why should you consider SMI auto extension?

  • Never buy a rental car policy again.
  • Legal liability for non owned autos is included within your policy.
  • Opting for a lower deductible? SMI offers competitive pricing.
  • Wider range of deductible options.
  • More levels of auto loss of use to choose from.
  • Have a high value trailer? Ask us how we can save you money with the SMI extension policy.

A few highlights of this coverage:

  1. Automatic Rental Car CoverageThrough a policy with SMI, rental car coverage is automatically provided. This year round coverage provides up to 90 days on any rental vehicle. Even if you only rent one vehicle per year, the savings with having this coverage included outweighs a single short term rental vehicle policy. The most convenient part about this coverage is that SMI doesn’t need to be notified when you are renting a vehicle. Gone are the days of getting to your destination and realizing you didn’t purchase rental car coverage. Your deductible and third party liability choices for your policy are transferred to the rental.
  2. Lay Up Coverage Included at No Additional ChargeIf you plate your vehicle seasonally, this coverage is a huge benefit for you! SMI provides full coverages while your vehicle is on lay up, including collision and liability. Better yet, the coverage is automatic so there is no need to advise when the vehicle is laid up.
  3. More Deductible OptionsA great option through this coverage is a $50 comprehensive deductible. Through MPI, the lowest deductible option is $100 so if a lower deductible is important to you this coverage may be a great fit!

Even though Manitoba has mandatory plate coverage through MPI, you do have options when you are increasing this coverage. Let us set you up with the coverage that makes sense for you.

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Auto insurance that's simple, easy, and clear. Get a quote today. Get a quote