Off-Road Vehicle Insurance

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Off Road Vehicle Insurance

Did you know in Manitoba you have options for insuring your snowmobiles and other off road vehicles? Check out our off road vehicle insurance program.

What types of off road vehicles can be insured?

  • Snowmobiles
  • All terrain vehicles
  • Snow bikes
  • Three wheelers and trikes
  • Dirt bikes
  • Dune buggies
  • Home builts


What does off road vehicle program cover?

MIG’s off road vehicle insurance provides enhanced coverage for  your off road vehicles.  This policy is in addition to the basic coverage provided when you purchase your plate through MPIC. Note that your plate includes $500,000 liability coverage but no coverage for theft, collision or, most importantly, personal injury.  That’s where this policy powers up.

  • Increased Liability – Options of $1 or $2 million additional liability coverage
  • Physical Damage – All perils coverage for your ORV which includes theft and collision.  Based on“agreed value” which is current market value.
  • Discounts for driver training or safety courses, recognized club/association affiliation, increased deductible and ignition Immobilizers
  • Lock Re-Keying
  • Travel Protection and Loss of Use


(Note that this policy is subject to all terms and conditions of the Manitoba Public Insurance Corporation Act and the Off-Road Vehicle Insurance Coverage Regulation.)



What items can be insured under an off road vehicle insurance policy?

  • Riding gear –$1,000 of coverage is included, with additional coverage available if required; subject to a $250 deductible.
  • ORV trailer or truck bed–$2,000 of coverage is included, with additional coverage available if required; subject to a $250 deductible.
  • Optional accident benefits and search and rescue expense coverage – this coverage provides benefits to anyone insured through the policy for injuries from an accident that occurs while operating or riding an off road vehicle as well as up to $25,000 for search and rescue expenses.


How do I make an off road vehicle insurance claim?

If you should have to make a claim for damage under this policy, contact us at or call 204.272.4709. For after hours emergencies, contact Check out Have a Claim? for more information about our claims process.