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Mobile Home Insurance

If a mobile home is how you roll, the insurance you need is specific to the type of home you have chosen. For most, the purchase of a mobile or manufactured home isn’t as much about its mobility as it is about lifestyle choice. It’s important to know that mobile homes do have some unique considerations when it comes to insurance.

What Does Mobile Home Insurance Cover?

Improvements and Betterments

Many mobile home owners will add decking, gazebos, even storage sheds or small garages to their home. This combined with skirting costs will eventually need to be factored into the replacement cost of your mobile home.

Coverage for Emergency Removal

Since your home has wheels, it can be removed from harms way. Your insurance will cover the cost of disconnecting power, water lines and towing or other transportation to get your place out of the literal line of fire.

Protect Your Belongings

Like any home, the value of your belongings will add up faster than you think. Calculating the cost of replacing these items is important, particularly if you own items that are higher in value than the limits available on your policy. High end bicycles, jewellery, and electronics can add up quickly and may require additional coverage if they are beyond your policy limits.  Be sure to talk to us about options for insuring these items.

Liability Coverage at Home and Away

You likely purchased your mobile home in part due to the flexibility it offers. Liability coverage will provide you the same flexibility.  this coverage provides financial protection for any damages or injuries you might cause to others, and its biggest benefit is that it follows you everywhere. If you’re travelling and cause accidental damage to a hotel room, your liability coverage will kick in.

Mobile homeowner insurance that's simple, easy, and clear. Get a quote online today. Get a quote