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Manitoba Public Insurance Autopac

At MIG, we’re here to help navigate your auto insurance needs. You have enough on your mind during your daily commute, so let us take your mind off insurance.

As you probably already know, auto insurance is mandatory in Manitoba. You are required to buy the basic “plate” insurance through Manitoba Public Insurance. What is “plate” insurance you ask? It’s the minimum amount of insurance that is required to be on the road. Plate insurance includes:

  • $500 - Deductible
  • $200,000 – Third Party Liability
  • $50,000 – Maximum Insured Value

Beyond this, it is highly recommended that you upgrade this coverage. You can upgrade all of these coverages through your MPI policy.

Auto Insurance that's simple, easy, and clear. Get a quote online today.

Auto Insurance that's simple, easy, and clear. Get a quote today.