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Need Renters Insurance in Alberta?

MIG offers customized Renters Insurance plans. Whether you’re subletting temporarily or renting long-term, Renters Insurance gives you financial stability and peace of mind in a “worst-case-scenario” situation. Whether you’re renting your dream condo or a starter apartment, MIG offers customized renters insurance plans to fit your needs and protect your belongings.

Why do I need Renters Insurance in Alberta?

Renters Insurance does more than just cover your belongings during a floor or fire. Some benefits of MIG Renters Insurance can include:

  • Being covered for the cost of your neighbour’s belongings if you’re deemed responsible for damage to their unit.
  • Being covered for remote living expenses during an emergency.
  • Having protection for your assets in your car, as well as in your home.

Learn more about renters Insurance with our Renters Insurance Buyers Guide, or by visiting our Renters Insurance Content Hub.

How Much Does Renters Insurance Cost?

Most renters insurance plans are the equivalent to the cost of eating one meal out a month. Use our simple Renters Insurance Coverage Calculator to get an estimate on how much your insurance will cost you every month in Alberta.

MIG Knows Alberta

MIG sells buyer-friendly insurance to thousands of Albertans, every single year. If you live in Edmonton, Calgary, Grand Prairie or throughout the province, renters insurance is an inexpensive investment that could save you thousands of dollars in the event of an emergency. You can purchase insurance online, get a quote within minutes or reach out through phone or email.

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Renters insurance that's simple, quick and personalized. Get a quote