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Rest easy knowing you and your belongings are covered, no matter what.

Whether you live in Saskatoon, Regina, or throughout Saskatchewan, at MIG we create a customized Renters Insurance plan to fit your needs and budget. Our affordable plans offer the protection for the things that matter most.

Do you need Renters Insurance in Saskatchewan?

Renters insurance is common in Saskatchewan; most landlords require tenants to purchase a plan in order to sign a lease. Your landlord’s insurance covers the building, but not your belongings. Ensure
the contents of your home are protected in the event of theft, fire, or emergency. Learn more about the benefits of Renters Insurance on our content hub.

What’s the price of Renters Insurance in Saskatchewan?

The cost is dependant on your preferences, the level of security in your home, the total value of all your assets and various structural considerations. You can estimate your monthly payments with our simple Renters Insurance Coverage Calculator.

MIG is in Saskatchewan

Born in the prairies, MIG Insurance covers thousands of Saskatchewanians every year. You can purchase insurance online, get a quote within minutes or reach out through phone or email.

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Renters insurance that's simple, quick and personalized. Get a quote