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10 Places in Your Backyard You Need to Visit

May 19, 2017

With May Long Weekend upon us, many of us start to get the adventure bug.  Long road trips can get expensive and are a hassle to plan.  How about finding some adventure in your own backyard?  

Whether you enjoy relaxing on the beach, hiking, exploring, or looking for the perfect backdrop for your Instagram photo, here are 10 places you need to visit this summer.

Little Limestone Lake 

Bet you didn’t know there was a lake that looked like this in Manitoba.  A bit of an adventure located 5 hours from Winnipeg, but it’s worth the drive.  It is the

Hunt Lake Trail 

If you are into hiking this is a must see. The whole trail will take about 5 hours to hike but is worth every minute.  Spend an afternoon in Hunt Lake’s trail and you will feel like you've visited interior British Columbia; it feels like a different world.  Located just over an hour and a half from Winnipeg it is well within reach.

Hecla Island

This island presides in Hecla-Grindstone Provincial Park.  There is a historic village with an amazing lighthouse. Right here on the prairie, there's a place where stories of sunken ships and magical islands are told, where the water and fishing is a way of life. It's a place where endless days of outdoor adventure await. Just 2 hours away from Winnipeg it is perfect for a weekend getaway.

Pisew Falls

If you are looking for a bit longer of a road trip, Pisew Falls is the place to set your eyes.  And with views like

Gimli Boardwalk 

Gimli is a Resort Town on the west side of the Winnipeg Lake. The Town was established by Islanders and the traces of the ethnic background are still there. The boardwalk runs along an elegant beach and it is the place to be in a summer day.  The boardwalk has paintings all along one side with a harbour on the other and is just a short jaunt from Winnipeg only an hour away

Pinawa Suspension Bridge

Only an hour from Winnipeg stretches Pinawa’s Suspension Bridge.   It allows visitors and local residents a greater opportunity to discover and appreciate the natural beauty of the Pinawa district on this branch of the Trans Canada Trail. Located off the Alice Chambers Trail, it is 54 metres long and 1 metre wide. 

Tulabi Falls

Located a little over 2 hours from Winnipeg, the falls resides in Nopiming Provincial Park and is known to be an ideal spot for cliff diving.

Pine Point Rapids 

The river gushes over a bed of granite in a series of rapids before subsiding in a quiet pool. The view is breathtaking and the ‘young at heart’ love sliding in the rushing water.

Grand Beach 

The beach, considered one of the best in North America, beckons the sun worshipper in all of us.

Clear Lake 

In the heart of Riding Mountain National Park, lies the comforting calm of Wasagaming, a charming, easy-going lake town chock-full of friendly folk and lovely places. It’s a great haven for those who like to chill and relax on a beach all day and those who would prefer spending an endless amount of time exploring all the nooks and crannies of a National Park. This place is big. It’s beautiful. It’s calm. It’s like no other.

Speaking of adventure; have you looked into life insurance lately?

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