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Customer Experience in the Digital Era

July 19, 2016

Our customers are more ‘connected’ than ever. They live and communicate in a multi-device, multi-tasking, always on world and these ‘connected customers’ want to do business and communicate on the go. 

As a result, we like many other businesses, have begun to evolve and adapt our business to provide a high touch, multi-channel, multi-platform, customer experience. Innovation in technology is pushing customer experience expectations even further and we need to adapt to the consumer who wants to connect with us how (technology, device) and when (not during business hours) they want. This is the reality of doing business in the digital era and with the ‘connected customer’.

Still, some companies fall short of customer expectations and this isn’t necessarily intentional but because gaps still exist between customer expectations and the overall customer experience.

The Disconnect in Customer Experience

 A recent 2015 World Insurance Report from Capgemini featured data from over 15,500 customers and provided some compelling insight on the state of customer experience in the insurance industry:

Less than 30% of customers globally are enjoying positive customer experiences, representing nearly a 4% decline over 2013. Customers are raising the bar in what they expect from their insurers, especially Gen Y customers aged 18-34, who have never experienced adult life without technology such as the internet and smart devices.”

 The report helps to shed light on why some companies are still falling short when it comes to customer experience – there is a disconnect in what customers expect and what some companies are providing. For those accustomed to doing business digitally, and a company that fails to craft their customer experience around these expectations automatically falls short.  

Examples of Disconnects in the Customer Experience due to New Technology. 

  • A customer visits their insurance broker website on their mobile device but the website is not mobile-friendly and as a result cannot be viewed properly on the customers phone.

  • A customer is an avid social media user and attempts to connect with their broker over social media channels. Although the broker has set up their channels they do not monitor or manage them consistently. The customers question goes unanswered.

  • A potential customer is in the consideration phase of the customer journey and is looking for some important product information on a broker website. The content exists but is not easily accessible and the customer relents and moves on.

Every moment that’s spent searching for information or working through accessibility issues will put customer loyalty to the test. Today’s ‘connected customers’ expect on-demand service and access to the companies they deal with through phone, the web, apps, and social media to name a few. This is the world we live in and this is what we as consumers have come to expect.

A Proactive Approach to Customer Experience

 At MIG, we have started to think of our customer experience from start to finish and how we maximize our accessibility by making our team members as accessible as possible, through multiple channels and by making information and tools our customers need as accessible as possible, so they can help themselves. In addition, we have started to develop tools and processes that aim to provide “concierge like” services to our customers, which include the integration of mobile apps and social media. 

Although we admittedly have a ways to go, and we will continue to innovate and adapt, we strongly believe that these initiatives will help provide an exceptional customer experience for our customers. The customer experience has always been important to us, and thanks to social media and mobile technology we now have many new and exciting ways to continue to build on our company mission, vision, and values. 

Delivering an Exceptional Customer Experience

Achieving these goals is easier said than done and managing the customer experience has never been more challenging. But it has also never been more exciting and more full of opportunity. In short, we will strive to deliver an exceptional customer experience by: 

  • Delivering personalized and engaging customer journeys.

  • Embracing innovation and integration to provide assisted service through online tools and resources, mobile applications, sms messaging, email, and social media. 

  • Proactive customer communications to ensure we are engaging our customers consistently and seamlessly across all channels and interactions. 
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