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Flood Prevention

March 25, 2017
Buyer Friendly

Flooding is a concern in Manitoba every spring season; but more so this year due to the winter we've had.  The 2017 flood forecast for Manitoba suggests that there is a moderate to severe risk of flooding in many regions of the province.

Some specific areas that may be at risk:

• The Red, Souris, Pembina, Roseau and Lower Assiniboine rivers and the Whiteshell Lakes areas

• In the Interlake region, overland flooding risk is moderate

• Major lakes remain a concern and current river flows and other lake levels are normal to above normal for this time of year

To protect you and your house from the flood season this year, here are some tips for inside and outside your house that will help you stay dry.

Flood Prevention – Outside the house

Check your grade. It is important to ensure that your lot is graded properly, so water can run away from the foundation of your house and doesn’t accumulate at your house.

Beef up that garden.  Improving your landscaping by adding plants in vegetation can not only spruce up your home but also help prevent soil erosion.

A little extra shovelling goes a long way.  In the winter, clear snow away from problem areas around your house where the grade may not be as steep to mitigate problems before they start.

Window watcher.  Consider getting window well covers to help prevent water from accumulating by windows.

Downspout planning.  Ensure your downspouts extend 3 to 6 feet away from your house and flow away from not only your house but also your neighbours.

Eaves trough envy.  Make sure you regularly maintain and clean your eaves troughs of any debris and leaves to allow them to flow freely.

Roof rescue.  Replace and missing or damaged shingles to ensure no water gets through your roof this season, one less area to worry about.

Weeping tile wallows.  Hire a licensed plumber to come and inspect that your weeping tiles are in good working order.

Flood Prevention – Inside the House

Sump pump chump.  When you invite your plumber over to look at your weeping tile, get him to inspect the sump pump as well to make sure it is in good working order.

Backwater valve.  During heavy rainfall, a backwater valve will prevent water and sewage from coming back into the house.

Flawless floor drains.  Keep your floor drains clean and clear of debris to ensure water can get through them in the event it needs to.

Shelving saviour.  Installing shelving units in your basement to keep items off the floor can save you a lot of heartache if water ever did get into your basement.  Avoid keeping valuables and important documents in the basement.

Scrap the fat.  Pouring fats, grease, and oils down your drain can cause major problems; these can solidify and wreck havoc in your drains.

Keep up to date with the most recent flood forecasts here.

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