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Planning a Spring Move?

May 13, 2016

Are you planning a move?  Whether across the country or across the street you need to make sure your belongings stay protected.  Below are some useful insurance tips to make sure your move goes as planned:

  • Will any of your belongings be in storage?  Your homeowners or tenants insurance policy may include coverage if your belongings need to be temporarily stored in a storage unit.  Most insurance companies usually allow 30 to 90 days of your belongings being in storage without a charge.  If your belongings need to stay in storage longer than this time period, it may affect your premiums and there may then be limitations on how long you can store those items.  For your coverage to remain valid your belongings must be stored in a proper storage facility and not on someone’s personal property such as a friend’s house.
  • Will your belongings or your vehicle be shipped?  If items or vehicles will be shipped across provinces, you must ensure that you still carry insurance for both your vehicle and personal belongings while they are in transit. 
  • Will a moving company be used during the move?  When choosing a moving company, do your research.  Make sure they are a reputable professional with positive reviews backing their integrity.  Here are some sample questions you can ask when choosing your moving company:
  • Proof of insurance.  Inquire about the moving company’s insurance details to ensure that your belongings will be covered while they are in the movers care and custody.
  • Some companies may only carry insurance on the items that their employees pack; this is important to know.Find out if the company has a Workers’ Compensation Board certificate to protect yourself from any injuries that may arise to their employees during the moving of your property.Replacement Value Protection means that the mover will assume responsibility for the replacement of any lost or damaged goods, usually up to a certain amount per pound of weight of your shipment. Quote.  Ensure that you’re provided with a written quote that details a cost breakdown so there are no surprises at the time of your move.References.  A reputable mover should have a list of references available; if they don’t they may not be the right choice.  The Better Business Bureau will be able to provide a list of reputable movers in your area as well.
Important:  Once your belongings arrive at their final destination, make sure you thoroughly inspect that everything has been delivered in good condition prior to signing any receipts.  If belongings are lost or damaged in the move it is better to go through the moving company’s insurance policy first so that it will not have an affect on your claims history. 
  • Update your policy.  Once the move is complete, you need to make sure your policy is updated as soon as possible.
  • Address. Call your MIG Insurance broker to update your address on your policy once you know the date of possession.
  • Home insurance.  Your policy will need to be updated to reflect the new home you are in, as well as additional purchases you have made for the new home such as furniture.
  • Auto.  You will need to update your driver’s license with the correct address on it.  If you have moved to a different province, you will also need to switch your policy over.
Important:  Do not cancel your existing home and auto insurance coverage until the new ones are in place.  This will ensure you will not have any gaps in coverage.

If you are planning a move this spring, call your MIG Insurance broker before anything else to make sure you have your bases covered.  We will ensure that you have the coverage you need before, during, and after your move.  Let us do the heavy lifting for you.

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