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Quote and Buy Online: Insurance for the Tools of Your Trade

November 3, 2016

Contractor Insurance that’s simple, easy, and clear.

Quote and buy online today.

At MIG, we decided we were going to do things differently by focusing more on customers. We talked to people, listened and gathered information. In the end we knew we needed to redefine the role of the insurance broker. Instead of being a middle-man who just sells insurance, we have made it our goal to empower our customers to give them the knowledge and tools to make buying insurance simpler and easier.

Our mission is to create a world where insurance is bought, not sold.

Contractor Insurance Package

Introducing our contractors package; the first of many products that will be true quote and buy now products living on our website.  Insurance can be complex at times, but it seems like no one has tried to make the experience better for customers. From long forms and hard to understand language to sales calls and inconvenient office hours, the process wasn’t built with the buyer in mind.  We have simplified this process for you, the customer, to provide you with the ability to buy insurance from your laptop, smartphone, or tablet anywhere the mood strikes you (even in your pajamas).

Buying insurance to keep your business running has never been easier. Get insured now, on the job and on the go. By answering a few questions you can buy contractor’s insurance right now. Simple, easy-to- buy coverage for the tools of your trade with policy delivery right to your phone or desktop in seconds.

Check out what all the buzz is about here.

If you have any questions hit us up on LiveChat.

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