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Road Trip Destinations to Visit This Summer

July 18, 2017
Buyer Friendly

There is so much to explore in our own backyard here in Manitoba, but sometimes it's nice to get away and take in some new scenery.  Flights can get expensive and summer is the perfect time to plan a road trip, so listen up, here are the top 10 places to road trip to from Manitoba this summer.  

Whether you want a short trip just outside the border or you are down for a cross country trek, there is something for everyone on this list.  

Banff, AB - 14 hour drive

Yes, Banff is a bit of a hike by car, but the sights along the way are more than worth it.  Banff has so much to offer and the scenery is second to none in Canada.  From ice blue lakes, towering mountains, to some of the best hiking trails you will ever step foot on this is a trip you need to take!

Kenora, ON - 3 hour drive 

Stop on your way up and grab some chips at Ye Old Chip Truck as you go for a stroll on the town docks. Then make your way to Rushing River Provincial Park (1/2 an hour southeast of KTown) and play in the falls. There is a little gully near the bottom that acts like a whirlpool when the water level is right! Then take a spin on the MS Kenora; tour the stars homes and take in the sunset over the lake. There is lots to do in and around Kenora and it is a beautiful place to be in the summer!

Thunder Bay, ON - 8 hour drive

It's almost like taking a trip to the rockies but less than half of the drive! You won't believe some of these places are in Ontario. Check out one of the 7 wonders of Canada, the Sleeping Giant. Or take a hike to the surreal Kakabeka Falls and take in the serene waterfall.

Calgary, AB - 13 hour drive

You may be too late to take in the party that the Calgary Stampede is this year, but there are lots of other things to do in Calgary this summer. You can spend a day in Kensignton's Dioagon Alley; if you are a harry potter fan, you won't want to miss this. Watch some quidditch while you drink Butter Beer, or participate in the costume contest. You can also check out GlobalFest; it is all about celebrating cultural diversity. Countries compete against one another to see who can come up with the most artistic firework display; it makes for a really good show.

Grand Forks, ND - 3 hour drive

Every Manitoban's go-to shopping destination.  Our dollar may not be as close to par as it used to be but here you will find all your favourite stores you can't find north of the border. Grand Forks also has quite the lively downtown; dance the night away and barhop all the hot spots within walking distance of each other.  I recommend the Hub Pub to start, the take a short jaunt over to Joe Black’s Bar & Grill, and then crawl over to The Loft to finish the night off!

Minneapolis, MN - 7 hour drive

Take your American shopping to the next level if you have the time to do the drive! Minneapolis is home to The Mall Of America. Or catch a Minnesota Vikings game at their new state-of-the-art stadium.

Wisconsin Dells, WI - 10 hour drive

Wisconsin Dells has been christened “The Waterpark Capital of the World” for good reason. The community boasts the largest concentration of waterparks in the world including America’s largest outdoor waterpark, the country’s largest indoor/outdoor combination, and the state’s largest indoor waterpark. Water shows are the dominant theme in Wisconsin Dells in other ways; for more than 150 years, visitors have taken sightseeing tours on the Wisconsin River, which literally bisects the city, for up-close views of the magnificent sandstone bluffs that tower above the water.  The Dells is home to the world’s largest fleet of “Ducks,” restored WWII amphibious vehicles popular for land-to-water tours. Kayaking, canoeing, boating, parasailing, skiing and fishing round out the H2O pursuits.

Sioux Falls, SD - 7 hour drive

You'll stay busy while you are in Sioux Falls - they have plenty of things to do! From the famous Falls Park to entertainment, shopping, and family fun, you'll find everything you love and more.

Chicago, IL - 13 hour drive

Third largest city only second to New York and LA; it is mandatory to get a selfie for Instagram in front of the iconic bean. Explore the depths of the ocean at the Shedd Aquarium. Catch a fly ball at Wrigley Field. Take in a show at The Chicago Theatre. Ride the Ferris Wheel at Navy Pier. And that’s just day one.

Regina, SK - 6 hour drive

Regina is the Winnipeg of Saskatchewan (with a much worse football team). The Green Riders, as they're known to legions of rabid locals, have achieved cult status within the Canadian Football League. Don't underestimate how crazy things get in this town, for this team. Visit the local microbreweries, grab some local eats, and round your night off with some ice cream before you watch the Bombers spoil the Roughriders party.

Most importantly, before you embark on any of these epic journey's make sure you pack your travel insurance policy.

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