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Spring Cleaning for Your Car

April 11, 2017
Buyer Friendly

With winter behind us (knock on wood), it’s time to think about spring cleaning, and that doesn’t just apply to your home – yes I am talking to you, with the messy car.

Trading road salt for clean dry roads is enough incentive to get your car feeling as good as this weather feels.  Here are 5 tips to help make spring cleaning a breeze and help you cruise on into summer.

Remove your winter tires.  Keeping your winter tires on longer than they are needed causes unnecessary wear to the tires.  Winter tires are made with a unique rubber that is designed specifically for winter driving and colder weather.  If you leave your winter tires on they will be exposed to heat and humidity, which can damage the rubber compounds to the extent that the tires have irreparable damage.  In the warmer months, summer or all-season tires should be used.

Wash and wax exterior.  In our winters, between the road salt, dust, mud and debris, our cars take a beating being our daily drivers.  Take your car to your preferred car wash service, or enjoy the weather and hose it down on your driveway.  Make sure you give it a good wash and get all the salt and grime off that has accumulated over the winter.  Finish off with a wax – this step is important not to skip as it seals the paint, repels water beads and leaves your car with a shiny finish.  Don’t be lazy and wait until the first rainfall to get a free “car wash”!

Detail, detail, detail.  Did I mention detail? It’s all in the detail.  As with the exterior, the interior isn’t spared from the harshness of winter; car mats are filled with salt and seats and carpets are covered in stains and winter grime.  Make sure your floors are vacuumed, your mats are hosed down to get rid of all the salt, and use quality cleaners to bring your leathers and fabrics back to life.

Clean out the trunk.  This is an important, although an all too commonly missed step.  The trunk tends to accumulate junk over the winter months, housing anything from hockey gear, shovels, and last week’s lunch.  Clean out all the junk and find another place for it; not only will you feel better decluttering your life but the reduced weight will also give you better fuel mileage and reduce the hazards of a messy car.

To read more on the dangers of a messy car – Spring Cleaning: The Dangers of a Messy Car.

Bring your car in for service.  Spring is the perfect time of year for your car to get a check up and a clean bill of health.  Get your mechanic to check your wheel alignment as all of the magic Manitoba potholes that appear after winter may have thrown this off.  Some simple checks you can do on your own are to make sure all of your lights are working – headlights, taillights, and brake lights, also check to make sure your wiper blades are in good working order.

These tips will help get your car fresh for spring.  Not only will your car look and feel better but you will too!.. Ok maybe not looks; but you will feel better.

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