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Spring Cleaning for Your Vehicle

May 10, 2016

With spring upon us there is lots of spring cleaning that needs to be done; give your vehicle the love it deserves.  Here is a recipe for your cleanest vehicle this spring:


Yields:  One clean vehicle.


  • Interior cleaning spray
  • Carpet cleaner spray
  • Microfiber cloths
  • Bucket and sponge
  • Car wash soap
  • Tire shine spray or lotion
  • Car wax
  • Portable vacuum
  • For fabric interior: Glass cleaner ( or vinegar and warm water)
  • For leather trim: Leather cleaner and conditioner


Rejuvenate the Inside

1.      Remove extra items

Remove any garbage, seasonal items that were kept in your vehicle (ice scraper), loose change, and any other unneeded items.  Organize the remaining items and when possible store them in compartments to reduce the risk of danger if a collision occurs.

2.      Wipe down the interior

Use an all purpose interior cleaning spray and microfiber cloth to help remove dust and grime from the interior surfaces of your vehicle such as the dash and door panels.

3.      Pull out your cordless vacuum

Start this process at the headrest of your seats and work your way down leaving the floors for last.  Don’t forget to vacuum the trunk as well as under the seats and your floor mats. If you don’t have access to a cordless vacuum go to your nearest car wash and bring some change!

4.      Take care of the fabric or leather

If your fabric has stains try a household stain remover.  If that doesn’t work a rented steam cleaner will work well.

For leather trim, use a leather cleaner and conditioner to keep the colour and help prevent cracks due to age.

5.      Wipe down windows – inside and out

Use a window cleaner to wash all windows and mirrors.  If you have tint on your windows, make sure the product you use is safe for it as some cleaners may discolor or bubble the tint.

Make the Outside Sparkle

6.      Remove snow tires & check tire pressure

The general rule recommended to follow is once average daily temperatures reach 7 degrees Celsius, you should change those winter tires back to the summer tires that are collecting dust in your garage. After you have swapped your tires it is always a good idea to check the air pressure of each tire before driving on them.  Properly inflated tires will not only help you achieve better fuel economy but they will also prevent the tires from wearing prematurely.

7.      Wash away dirt and salt

The best way to wash your vehicle is under a shady spot, washing in direct sunlight may cause the soap to dry on your vehicle too quickly.  To get the dirt off, use a soft sponge or natural wool mitt.  Take your car wash soap product and add it to a warm bucket of water.Caution: Household detergents may damage the exterior paint of your vehicle.

Start from the top and work your way down, keep a fresh bucket of water, changing it when it becomes too dirty.  Don’t let the car air dry when done, use a soft, clean towel to hand dry.

Tip: Wash the undercarriage thoroughly as salt build up can rot steering and suspension components.

 8.      Wax

After you have washed your car thoroughly, wax your vehicle.  This will seal the paint, add a shiny coat, and allow the water to bead off your vehicle.

There is no wrong time of the year to connect with your broker at MIG Insurance and ensure the hard work you put into maintaining your vehicle is backed by the right policy to make sure your vehicle is protected from life’s perils.

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