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Spring Cleaning: The Dangers of a Messy Car

May 26, 2016

For many people, it is not unusual to feel as if they sometimes live out of their car.  They use it to get to work, school, recreational activities, run day- to- day errands, as well as the getaway car for a weekend at the lake.  Often times, there isn’t enough time in our hectic schedules to go home between every activity, this causes drivers to pack their car with all of the items they will require throughout the day.  With all of this, it’s normal to have a messy car. That being said, do you know about the dangers of having a messy car?

Clutter can build up pretty easily in our cars.  Many items such as sunglasses, snowbrushes and scrapers you would expect to see.  Add to that fast food bags, candy wrapper, empty drink containers, groceries, sports equipment and children’s toys, and voila, you have the formula for a messy car.

How does this pose a threat you ask? 

These loose objects can be sent hurtling through the air if you need to brake suddenly or suddenly stop due to a collision.  While the small objects may seem harmless, the force of gravity can cause a loose object to pack a punch 20 times greater than it would normally.  This includes water bottles, groceries and sports equipment such as footballs and baseballs. Loose items in your car can also pose another hazard when they fall on the floor.  For example, a drink can may roll onto the floor and become lodged behind your gas or brake pedals. 

You can mitigate these risks by storing loose objects in secure areas.  All drink containers should be placed in cup holders when not in use to reduce the chance they end up on the floor.  Items such as sports equipment, groceries, backpacks, safety emergency kits and books should be stowed safely away in the trunk. 

If you have young children who may require items such as toys and drink bottles, consider buying a backseat organizer.  These organizers are designed to easily attach to the back of the seat and have numerous compartments to store items in an organized, secure manner.

When driving your second home around town, it’s important to keep in mind that just like your actual home, it’s always a good idea to keep it organized and clutter free.  Not only will this help mitigate the dangers discussed, but it will also make your car trips more enjoyable for yourself and the passengers you invite into your second home.  At the same time, it is just important to make sure you have adequate up-to-date insurance for you car.  Talk to your MIG Insurance broker today.

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